About Biogas

Biogas Systems Australia has been established as part of the expansion of Automatic Flare Systems (AFS) into the Australian market. As international specialists in all aspects of landfill and anaerobic digester technology, AFS has been, and continues to be, involved in hundreds of sites and projects across the globe. This experience and expertise has been coupled with on the ground Australian know how and delivery that places Biogas Systems at the forefront of the Australian industry.

As leading specialists in equipment suppliers for landfill and anaerobic digestion applications, Biogas Systems provide unmatched technology, solutions and support services to the industry.

We provide a full range of landfill and anaerobic digester technology and solutions including the following:
• Flare systems.
• Leachate extraction and treatment solutions.
• Complete mechanical and electrical installation.
• Gas collection system design and installation.
• Equipment hire and leasing.

In addition, we provide a very high level of expert support services. These services are available regardless of existing equipment and contractual arrangements including the following:
• Servicing and maintenance.
• Site monitoring.
• Specialist advice.
• Emissions monitoring.
• Odour management.
• Field balancing.