Support Services

Biogas Systems provides ongoing maintenance and monitoring support for all equipment supplied. This is carried out by using qualified technicians and in-house engineers and scientists.

Using the latest wireless and solar-powered technology, it is now possible to cost effectively monitor all site equipment we supply in real-time. This both alleviates the cost of installing power and telemetry cables and also significantly reduces ongoing running costs.

In terms of wider site monitoring, we undertake sampling from around sites to ensure any potential problems are identified, and then provide recommendations and solutions.

As a landfill site shifts and changes over time this affects the release and composition of gas which must be constantly managed. We provide specialist field balancing to ensure gas control and flaming systems perform efficiently and effectively at the correct methane composition and pressure.

Our skilled engineers, using the latest technology available, can cost-effectively optimise the control of biogas to meet project requirements. We also house a large supply of replacement parts that are able to be accessed quickly for any rare breakdowns or malfunctions.

Biogas Systems are also able to provide design and support services for the following:
• Landfill gas extraction.
• Power generation.
• Landfill leachate treatment and management.
• Regulatory compliance.
• Monitoring and reporting.
• Carbon credit generation.

By being able to provide specialist services coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, Biogas Systems remains at the forefront of the market.